Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let's get married!

A guy needs to keep on his toes. All this music photography is really amazing, but why not throw in a wedding? Cindy is an ex-coworker of mine and she approached me about shooting her wedding many months ago. I didn't know at the time I'd be doing so many concerts.

So yeah, the day after my first all night heavy metal concert shoot, I was heading down to the south shore for a 12 hour wedding shoot. haha. I must be insane.

To make matters worse, when I got home from the metal shoot the night before, I tried uploading my images and not only did my computer not recognize my camera, my crappy crap card reader broke! I shot 4 bands, no song restrictions, and used a couple of my 16GB cards.... and no way to get the images off!

One of the benefits of my new place is that I'm about 10 mins walking from one of the city's bigger camera stores. So early Saturday morning, I headed down, was first in line, and picked up a Lexar card reader. Ran back home, uploaded the images of the show, sent them to the editor at Production Iris, packed my gear, and drove out to the wedding. Why make things easy, right?

The wedding was awesome. The couple and their son were in such great spirits and were having such a great time. I always feel privileged to be chosen to capture someone's wedding day. Nothing really out of the ordinary happened for me at the wedding. The biggest challenge was the church having decided to redo their front doors....and the new ones weren't ready yet. So I had to shoot group shots in front of the church that had these giant plywood doors. hehe.

As I went through the motions of the day, I started to realize there are a lot of similarities between concerts and the way I shoot weddings when it comes to photography.
- Varying light changes
- Low light
- Loads of people you need to work around
- Tight deadlines
- Things don't always go as planned
- Always on your toes looking for the right moment

Thought I would share of few of the images of the day

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