Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Francouverte - last minute anyone?

I'm in the midst of moving. Sold my house on the south shore of Montreal and moving back to the city. Things are pretty hectic.

So a few days after my first pro level shoot for Production Iris, I was called at around 3:00pm by the editor asking if I was free to shoot on the same night. He was feeling under the weather and was looking for someone to take his place. Why not?

Francouverte is a local talent competition that looks at promoting up and coming talent. This was the finals, featuring 3 acts. I picked up my gear and headed off once again to the Club Soda.

The lighting this time around was much simpler. I guess they couldn't get too funky as they didn't have the time for various setups due to the 3 acts. So they kept it simple, which was fine by me as I'm still getting used to adjusting on the fly.

The 56 images are up in a gallery on my website. Check 'em out!

I'm trying to really focus on composition. I've already been used to shooting in Manual mode with my camera, so other than the adjusting quickly when the lighting changes, I'm good at nailing my exposures. I'm really trying to capture the emotion of the bands. Easier to do when you know the songs and the people, a lot more difficult when you don't really know what to expect!

I must say that the talent was amazing. I need to remember that I'm there to work, get my images, and THEN listen to the songs. No restrictions for shooting here as they wanted images of all 3 finalists.

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