Friday, October 22, 2010

Photowalk - Old Montreal

Yep, headed back to Old Montreal tonight. My original plan was to head down to the clocktower and do a bunch of shots from there, inside, outside... When Reneau and I got there, the frakin place was under construction. Not just the tower, but the entire pathway to get there.

Bummed, we just walked around the Old Port. Reneau wanted to get some shots of the cityline with his nice, new D700 and 24-70, so we headed to our known spot. It was cold... I mean COLD. Its the first chill we have had in Montreal.

We lasted about 20 mins at the spot. There is no shelter there, so you get the wind straight on.

And boy was it windy. Those who saw my recent shots will know the area. But check out the water reflection. Due to the wind, only lights are visible. Funky effect, I prefer it over having the whole city reflected.

Interesting view of Marche Bonsecours on our depressed walk back from the closed clocktower


Farine...Five Roses...Farine....Five Roses.... Farine Five Roses

Here is Reneau shooting

As cold as it was, the sky was really nice

Zoom pan

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