Thursday, October 21, 2010

Emmanuel and Alicia - Maternity shoot

Maternity shoots are fun for me. Its a world that I do not know as I don't have kids, so I find I really have to push my creative self to come up with ideas. This is the second maternity shoot I have done and both times I had a similar workflow in that I sketched ideas out on a notepad to help guide my inspiration. I use those sketches as a baseline and then work with that and the couple to produce (what I think) are some fun shots.

On the tehnical side, these were done with natural light and a bit of fill flash for shadows. Not much processing done on these other than some lightroom adjustments, contrast work, slight saturation, levels and such.

Emmanuel and Alicia are friends of my friend Jennifer (aka Maternity shoot #1) who asked me to do some shots of them and their first expected child, a little boy due on November 23rd. They were really fun people to work with. Having people who are open to suggestions and also help in the creation process is what makes photography fun for me.

I met with them last Sunday at their house. We were lucky that the sky had cleared up and the sun came out so the windows were letting in a good amount of natural light. Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot.

Having a baby is about the couple as well

We got Emmanuel going with some Zoolander-esk facial stretches


I love the "whats going on in there" expression

I'm usually not one to put corny stuff in my shots, but I actually do like the heart hands. Someone shoot me if I break out a ribbon or spell the kid's name in blocks

Slightly different angle on heart hands

One of my faves

They say expecting moms and radiant...judge for yourself


Thanks for checking out the shots! Feel free to leave a comment.
And thanks to Emmanuel and Alicia for letting my photograph this important part of their life, best of luck guys.


  1. Cool, j'ai l'impression d'ĂȘtre une star.
    Merci Pierre

  2. Avec le look Zoolander, tu l'es! =)