Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween costumes for photographers

Not sure if you are like me, but I like to bring my camera everywhere I go. On Halloween, there will be so many photo ops when your friends, family and total strangers that are all dressed up.

So when thinking up what I'm going to dress up as, I like to try and incorporate my camera. Here are a few ideas I've had, feel free to comment and add more!!

1- 1930s Press Guy
What do you need? Trench coat, hat, card that says PRESS to stick in the hat. That's pretty much it. If you want to fancy up the costume, you can have a flash on a cord or even with a radio trigger. Take it one step further have bring your tripod, leave your camera on it and put a black sheet over yourself when taking an image.

Great way to get shots of strangers...

2- Death on vacation
I did this one a few years ago. What do you need? A death robe, Hawaiian shirt, sandals and white socks. As Halloween is the day for the dead people to come out, my shtick was that Death is taking the day off tonight and is on vacation. My camera hung around my neck, I'm a true tourist

3- Death on safari
A take on the Death on vacation, but with a photo vest, safari hat and some boots. You get the idea

4- Paparazzi
A little harder to explain to people, but if you dress in all black, stay away from people and then jump out and shoot in burst mode with the flash going off, you might pull off paparazzi. You can maybe throw in a copy of the National Enquirer in your back pocket and use some makeup for a black eye to show your "battle scar" from your last shot.

5- Flasher
Think trench coat. Wear shorts and a tank top so your legs and bare chest show. Make some sort of harness that can support your camera with a flash attached. Pre focus the lens for 5 feet in front of you and switch it to manual focus. Set the shutter to be triggered by remote, putting the remote in your sleeve. When you go and "flash" someone, open the trench coat, hit the remote and BANG! they are flashed and you get a cool picture. Makes for a nice montage at the end of the night.

That's what I've come up with. Some original, some not really.

Happy Halloween!!!


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