Saturday, December 11, 2010

Boston Road Trip - Day 2

After a few hours of sleep on Friday night, we got up ready for a full day of shooting. I had not been to Boston for a few years, in fact last time I was there was before I started up photography. So I was psyched (again, yes, the entire weekend was full of psyched-ness) to hit the streets and make some images.

We got a recommendation from the hotel to check out a little breakfast place called the Paramount. It was a 10 or so minute walk. Great place for breakfast, it has been open since the 1930s. Small place, great atmosphere.

I didn't want to unpack my gear just yet, so I took this image with my phone on our way down.

We had an initial plan of checking out the Gardens and Commons and then heading back to the hotel to grab the car to drive up to the north end. But as we were shooting, we really let inspiration be our guide and just kept on walking and never went back to the hotel until 4pm or so.

The Gardens were really nice with a small lake in the middle with a funky bridge, some ducks and other city wildlife around. Even found an empty fountain that I just had to climb in to get a few shots.





Empty Fountain shot with mah iphone
Empty fountain

Made our way through the Commons and onto Tremont street. Going down alleys, heading into the Granary Burying ground, it seemed that everywhere we looked we saw something that needed to be photographed. The cemetery was really old with a lot of important US historical figures buried there: Franklin, Revere, Hancock, Sam Adams to name a few.







iPhone shot of a tombstone
Boston gravestone

We headed down School street past the Old City Hall building and starting to feel the cold settle in, we ducked into a Starbucks to warm up. As with most cities, it seems that you can find a Starbucks at every other street corner, and Boston was no different.




After a warming up, we headed out and made our way through the downtown streets. Statues, churches, street, I was having a visual orgasm.

This so looks like she is trying to get the pigeon off her head






We made our way along the Freedom Trail and into the North End. Our goal was the Copp's Hill Burying ground, one of the oldest cemeteries in the US.






We were not too sure were to head next so we jumped on the Freedom Trail and made our way towards the water. While the trail lead over the bridge, which I had followed years ago when I was there and ended up at the maritime museum and then up a hill in a somewhat suburban neighborhood, we opted for taking more scenic shots along the water.




We ended up at the TD Gardens, same place we were at the night before. While the Leonard Zakim Bunker Hill bridge is really nice, its not the easiest thing to photograph. I was told there was a little park I could get into with a decent view of the bridge, but we never found it - in all honesty, we didn't look too hard. After taking a few more shots, we headed back to the hotel for some relaxing time (aka nap)



Having remembered that we didn't have lunch, we were both pretty hungry by now. So we took the car and headed back towards the Commons to eat at the Oak Room, which I read is famous for its Boston Cream Pie. We drove by an awesome looking church that we vowed to go back to. We got the Oak Room and realized it was inside the Fairmount hotel, so the prices were pretty steep.

We spoke to the Concierge and asked if he could recommend a decently priced restaurant with good clam chowder and he directed us a few blocks down to Skipjacks. The fish was awesome, the chowder was great, our stomachs were full, we were happy.

So back to the car we went and grab the tripods and snap some shots of the church

Boston Church 1

Boston Church 2

We then hopped back into the car for our final destination of the night, a city line right near Boston Habour and the popular Barking Crab restaurant (next time, we are so eating there)



360 view of shooting spot in Boston habour

Our night was done. We were both exhausted from the 10 hour + walking we did and knowing we still had a full day seminar with Pinhole early tomorrow morning, along with a 20 minute drive to get there, we decided to call it a night, both very happy with our day walk in Boston.

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