Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Als 2010 Grey Cup parade

Can we call this a dynasty already? Since 2000, the Montreal Alouettes have been in 8 Grey Cup finals. They are 3-5 in the CFL finals. More importantly, they have won the last 2 Grey Cups, giving us Montreal fans 2 years of downtown parading.

So as with last year, a few of us headed down before our lunch hour to setup to snap some images of them going by. I know these aren't Pulitzer prize winning shots. I know I only get half the team and probably miss a few here and there. But its about having pride in our home team.

You know, I'm liking this tradition...keep it up boys.

Here are a few images, more up on my flickr (link to the right). Not as many as last year, the parade was smaller and went by fairly quick, with the threat of raining over our heads the entire time.

Our #1 QB and all around great guy, AC. Best of luck with your next battles
Als Parade 2010-3

Home town cheerleaders
Als Parade 2010-6

and uh...more cheerleaders
Als Parade 2010-7

The mascots, Touché and Blitz
Als Parade 2010-9

Als Parade 2010-12

Als Parade 2010-11

Als Parade 2010-14

Als Parade 2010-15

Als Parade 2010-16

Als Parade 2010-19

Als Parade 2010-20

Almost missed the cup going by, it was on the other side of the truck.
Als Parade 2010-23

Als Parade 2010-25

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