Friday, June 4, 2010

More urban goodness

Haven't updated in a while, so thought I'd throw this up. Reneau (fellow photography enthusiast extraordinaire) and I went out for a few hours after work and walked around an area of Montreal near Prince Arthur street. It was a really nice evening, not too warm, not too cool. Too bad the sky was cloudless, would of made for some fun images.

The area is really nice, very typical Montreal. Prince Arthur is a pedestrian only street, full of outdoor terraces, cute little houses, and plenty of visual goodness.

I hadn't taken a photo walk in a while and it felt good to just head on out, take some shots, and shoot the photography shiz.

Here are a few images from the walk. If you want to see more of my urban and city shots, you can check out my flickr set.

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  1. Pierre, you are one really superior photographer, i love your sense of composition and subject choices. :)

  2. I really love the last two. Lighting on the last one is yummy.