Monday, June 7, 2010

Got to love great customer service

You wonder why you pay extra for name brand things? Sometimes, the generic or house brand works just as fine, but I have found that as a general rule for photography equipment, buying the name brand is worth it.

While I own a third party lens (Tamron) which I have enjoyed, I have always stuck to name brand accessories for stuff like my memory cards (Sandisk), tripods / monopods (Manfrotto), camera bags (Lowepro) and so on.

I have had 4 Lowepro bags and never had any issues with them. Great quality, fit what I was looking for at the time. I recently lost a strap for my Lowepro Primus backpack, the little strap that holds the tripod in place. I have been using a velcro thing in its place which kind of does the job.

So I decide to email Lowepro to see how much a replacement strap would be and where I could purchase one from. I get a next day email asking me for my full name, address and phone number so that they may ship me a new strap. Next day, I get a confirmation that they have sent the strap Express Post.

I wasn't fishing for a freebie, I lost it and was prepared to pay for a new one. But yeah, that is what customer service is about. Seems that customer service is the thing of the past, mainly due to big box stores like Best Buy and Futureshop taking consumers for a ride, but its great to see some companies, like Lowepro, not only make great products, but back it up with great service.

Just thought I would share, as we often don't read about good stories, we only hear the bad.

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