Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy couple, soon to be baby and giant dogs!

Had another really fun maternity session this past weekend. My photography services were given to Maude and Ian as a Christmas present by Maude's sister. How cool is being someone's Christmas present! =)

It was a beautifully (but cold) sunny Sunday, allowing for some nice natural light. They have a really nice house with some well placed windows, which made for more options when shooting. With some creative redecorating (lets move your couch over here!haha!) we were able to get a nice series of images.

As with my previous maternity sessions, I sketched out some ideas. However this time, I didn't refer to them much as I'm getting more comfortable in getting the basics done and I'd just wing it for some other shots. You really have to have an open mind when you do totally custom work for clients, specially in their own home. I don't know the house, the setup, the light and so on until I actually show up to shoot.

One of my favorites from the shoot is the one of Maude on her bed where you see her belly and legs. I was balancing on her bed, standing over her, and held the camera out with a wide angle lens. The only thing I was thinking about was that if I fall, don't fall forward! :)

Maude had mentionned to me that they had two dogs and she would love to have some images of her with the dogs. "No problem" I told her. When I got to their house and rang the bell, I was greated by a really deep bark... these weren't small dogs. In fact, they have two Great Danes. They are the nicest and sweetest dogs, but holy crap are they big.

Looking forward to some newborn pictures when their little bundle of joy sees the light of day around February 20th! Best of luck guys!

Meet Suki!

...and her friend Maya!










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