Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Never forget

I heard a quote not long ago that rings true with me: "Photography is about capturing life at 1/100 shutter speed" (I think thats going to be my blog's subtitle!). Sounds geeky, I know, but it is very true. One of the reasons I love candid portrait photography is that you can capture a moment in time forever, and you need to be quick, else its gone.

I've been taking photos at the Remembrance Day memorials for the last 2 years. My first year in 2008, I went to capture an event. After taking pictures from the outside in, I made my way inside the tent they had setup for the veterans and managed to get up close with some of them. I was mezmorized by these heroes. When I went back to the memorial in 2009, I went with a different focus, one to capture the people and not the event. I managed to wiggle my way up with the press photographers and managed to get up close with the people. I'm very proud of these photographs, I feel they are my best work to date as they capture the people and the emotion of the day.

You can view the full set (42 images) up on my flickr, here are the few images that I particularly like from the day:


  1. Pierre- These are fantastic. I enjoyed the story too, very cool.

  2. Thanks for checking them out Tim =)